Mexican artist Gusval – short interview


What is the story behind your art? My paintings are very narrative and my narrative is very connected to nature. This is the way I link myself to the places I live in. Folk stories are very present in my images. And also since I grew up in Mexico City, buildings and urban scenarios always seduce me. But also I do care about human figure and the beauty of human anatomy. I like to tell a story through my paintings.

Did you find new inspiration in Belgrade vibes? My God yes. This city seethes up all over with activity of many kinds. It has the taste of Eastern Europe, three points perspective urban views, architecture which is new to me. It’s not Paris, it’s not Prague, whatever. It IS Belgrade! – a city that has suffered and is still struggling but that finds redemption through its people’s youth and courage on everyday things. I was born and raised in one of the largest city in the world so I know what it is like to be in a city that still has wounds but surfaces out from it no matter what.

When you compare Puebla and Belgrade, what comes to your mind? In the mornings it is very exotic to me when I listen to the sound of thunder here in Belgrade, whereas back home it rains only in the afternoon. At night, In Puebla I can barely see the moon. But in Belgrade I see its surface very clearly, with sharpness. I love that. In Puebla I see the active volcano doing eruptions almost every morning, but in Belgrade I see the beauty of the Sava river and I enjoy the smell of the blooming trees.

Could you imagine yourself living and working in Belgrade and would you come again? Absolutely yes. I would love to come back.

What is your project about and does it relate to Belgrade in any way? I had two projects – Milonga in Belgrade and The Painter’s Solitude. The first one links clearly to this beautiful city because of its astonishing Tango scene, whose existence I was aware of and blew me away once I tasted it. The latter is about exploration of my very personal inner world, about what is like to be a painter regardless the national context you might live in.

What are your future plans when it comes to your work? I am going to pursue my project about tango and painting along with a couple of professional tango dancers. We want to start performing live. Also, I would love to make a solo exhibition.

Your message to new residents coming to Belgrade Art Studio? Come down here at the very top of your game because this city has a taste you have never experienced before. Be opened to its architecture and energy.