A short interview with our resident artist Moloud from Iran

What is your art mostly about? I am working in the field of children’s illustration. The theme of my illustrations will be varied based on the stories from different writers. But my favorites are my black and white drawings and painting, especially about women.
Could you imagine yourself living and working in Belgrade and would you come again? I’m interested in travelling to different countries. I think that it’s endlessly inspiring to know that I can make some sort of difference in generating my artBelgrade is an alive city and during these days the people, relationships, their life style, buildings, culture etc, have been very inspirational to me. This city can express stories in my mind.
What would you say to new residents coming to Belgrade Art Studio? This studio is very comfortable Most of the facility found in any home are available here. It is lively and beautiful in a safe and calm place. I’m sure the next inhabitants of this place will enjoy as well.
Is it the end of the journey? A new beginning? What is coming next? This is not the end of my trip, I will return to Iran with new ideas. I will continue more seriously. And I will have a plan for working outside of Iran.
What is your project about and how does it relate to Belgrade? My project is about the golden ratio. Ratios can define beauty of geometry, but the definition of beauty is very difficult. I like to use different pictures in my work and combine several different photos, sometimes up to forty, to create a new story. Also, I like to use the ancient (older) photos and revive them. These Belgrade’s women, who are in my picture, have been also revived. These women are knitting, embroidered, creating and they have carried nature in their privacy.
Did you find new inspiration in Belgrade vibes? I thought about the women who lived here earlier. In the same building as I am living now. The issue of women is international and has a wide dimension. I would like to revive it in my work. This city has an old intact texture part, and it is very attractive for me. Buildings have a lot of memories from humans, from wars, from love … There is a history in the contemporary or modern world.
How is it like being a female artist in Iran? Iranian artist women are active in different art majors. I have always tried to improve myself and I will. But economic condition is also a concern. some Iranian artists are not able to continue their interestFor me, having support is very important issue, otherwise I have to leave my interests.