Aleksandra Ivantsova

Alexandra Ivantsova 3

Online Residency 2021


1996 – 2002 – State Academic Art Lyceum  St. Petersburg, Russia

2002 – 2004 – St. Petersburg State University, Architecture Restoration, bacalauriat

2004 – 2008 –  Russian State Humanitarian Institute (Historical and Archival Institute), Faculty of Art Studies, specialization “Stone and Architecture restoration”


2008 – personal exhibition “21 pictures and 21 stories” (watercolor), gallery of the Narva Art Museum, Estonia

2018 – participation in the exhibition “Balkan Bridges” (Balkan plein airs), Vyborg, exhibition hall of the State Hermitage

2018 – participation in the competition program and in the general exhibition “Masters of Watercolor”, St. Petersburg

2019 – participation in the CONTEMPORARY WATERCOLOR COMPETITION (RWS) (short list), participation in the exhibition of the competition in Bankside Gallery, London UK

Currently  in St.-Petersburg.

Artist statement

I paint..

..anywhere and what I want to see. I paint in watercolors on the street, in the subway, at a construction site, in the basement, at night (at night in the basement too!). One problem that interests me today is a series of works that I connect with time, space and my thoughts and signs.

Plein air in my practice..

Difficult but exciting necessity, overcoming and happiness. An exciting connection between the restless world inside and the cosmic worlds outside. Searching for form, color and light in space and time, guided by the impression of what saw “here and now”. Plein air only.!

Night plein air especially

This is my comfort zone. I always want to do this. This is my music, like free jazz. Painting at night strains all the senses, teaches you to break the rules and not see too much. Picturesque and graphic at the same time. Confident, institutionalized indifference to most details. The main inspiration is the image, which is impossible to pass by, like a source of light in the dark. Paint without seeing colors and almost without seeing paper, remembering only the image and seeing nature. Night pleinair – it’s me!


It’s just colours. I have been working with watercolors since childhood, but I want to learn about watercolors further. Farther than spreading paint. It is a masterful, fast, free improvisational technique.