Amanda Dourador Brazil


Year of Residency: 2021


During my educational life, I’ve studied English and French since childhood. During high school I engaged in theater classes and developed a self study on drawing and painting, also learning a lot about photography due to my father’s metier.
As I got into college my first choice of study was Languages, in which I have dedicated myself to Italian and French, immersing myself in a production of poetry. However, after some semesters I’ve decided to enter Visual Arts in the school of Fine Arts in Sao Paolo.

For the past years I have been studying and producing art, exposing in local expositions of my city of origin (Casa Branca, countryside of Sao Paolo) and also in an art exposition from the course of painting of Unesp college, in São José do Rio Preto.
During my college year I entered a research program of visual arts, studying about Mario Pedrosa, a great art critic from Brazil and about art theory as well.
For the last two years, as a way of paying for the materials that I need for my works during college, I started to work as teacher in a bilingual school, working with 3-6 years old kids. In my practice while teaching them I’ve always explained the importance of understanding and relation to the world through art, believing education is also a form of copying in the world and being in it.

Art and education for me had become the most important alliance in my life, a way to give sense to all that goes on during the experience of the everyday life.

Through my production in my country of birth, I have been given a chance to study Visual Arts with a scholarship from Belas Artes (School of Fine Arts, Sao Paolo) and feel really excited to approach what the world has to offer along with what I have to offer too. I expect that the different views and life experiences, places, exchanges can be very enriching to the work that I do, as I often infuse poetry, painting, photography into a form of expressing people’s interaction with our own environment, socially and ecologically.

Artist statement

Art for me has become a form of existing, of interpreting and responding to the world around.
I often work with photography because it’ close to a natural impulse. When I see something I like, from a point of view that I can truly feel and see, I capture it. I feel like it’s important to give presence to daily moments that are not often eternized in our brains but can be in photography. The eternal that I seek in art production relates to memory. I believe making things eternal deeply relates to making the memorable, and, by that, bring them into the world as a reminder. When I take photos I take pieces of memory that bring people to a common-place. A place where they can remember everyday acts, bare moments or shocking ones. The investigation of the memory and the way it performs trough photograph creates connections and through the connections the world survives.