Amber Ní Chadain Coileáin Ireland


Year of Residency: 2019


  • Second level education within the Institute of Education and received a Leaving Certificate
  • Currently studying Game Design in the Dublin Institute of Technology, majoring in Art and Design

Current Work

Amber is a self-taught emerging artist. She is currently working in tandem with app development companies. Within these companies she works on design and concept art for upcoming creative apps, such as the upcoming mediation and creation app AnimaVenture.
She also works part time on concept art for indie games, such as Like Clockwork, Bio-mimicry, and Eris and Umbra (a tabletop RPG).

Inspiration Statement

Irish Mythology heavily inspires my work, mixing ideas of cultural loss and colonialism. Growing up in a country with a lost history that has been eroded by colonialism over the years, I wish to discover and connect with all cultures to move forward.
My focus as an emerging artist is on the similarities of myth between cultures, the links between people and home, and the place of the 4th industrial woman in society


I have a massive desire to grow as an artist, both personally and within the art industry. While I am new to the art world, I have a burning desire to succeed at my one true passion. What motivates my work is primarily people and an individual’s ties to home and the future. I would love to grow and evolve as an artist and so wish to discover new cultures and viewpoints.

Articles and Reviews

Amber’s website – Visit.