Year of Residency: 2020


  • 2018 – 2020: MFA Akademin Valand, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 2014 – 2018: BFA Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic (FAMU)
  • 2012 – 2003: Music School in Cieszyn, Poland; class of cello, piano and rhythmic dance


  • 2020 (upcoming) Degree Show Valand Academy, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 2020 Although we all know what it means… (online solo show)
  • 2020 Apocalypse No!, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 2019 Don’t Pass Me By, Malmö, Sweden
  • 2019 A Vast Sea Of Wounded Flourishing, Reykjavik, Iceland (solo)
  • 2019 If You Listen I Will Tell, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 2019 ESPY Photography Award, Swansea, Wales
  • 2019 Counterpoints: re-imagining, re-imagining archival imagines, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 2019 New Realities, Gothenburg, Sweden 2018 My Poor Heart Aches, Gothenburg, Sweden (solo)
  • 2018 Final Foto FAMU, Prague, Czech Republic
  • 2018 Ontology of Encounter, Düsseldorf Photo Weekend, Germany
  • 2017 Ontology of Encounter, Prague, Czech Republic
  • 2017 Sobre el Rio, Lima, Peru 2017 Sobre el Rio, Iquitos, Peru
  • 2016 Krajina desna v sire pustine, Broumov, Czech Republic
  • 2016 Dark rays, bright rays, Musrara Mix Art Festival, Jerusalem, Israel
  • 2016 The New Beginning, RETHink Art Digital Festival, Rethymno, Greece
  • 2014 Can you drink as much as she can, Banksy Jazz Club, Pszczyna, Poland (solo)


  • 2020 (upcoming) Belgrade Art Studio, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2019 Ghosting – performative happening, Toynbee Studios, Artsadmin, London, UK
  • 2019 Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn, Estonia
  • 2019 Nida Art Colony, Nida, Lithuania
  • 2019 Turku University of Applied Sciences Ltd, Faculty of Fine Arts, Finland
  • 2017 Iwati Parana, Santo Tomas, Peru AWARDS / GRANTS
  • 2020: Konstnärsnämnden | The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, International Exchange and travel grant
  • 2019: Adlerbertska Travel Scholarship
  • 2019: KUNO mobility grants


My practice evolves around trauma, so one very crucial aspect of the research I do operates around togetherness. Being together, sharing experiences and discussing the emotional side of them is crucial. That’s why I believe the residency would be beneficial for my practice, as working around other artists, and getting to know the culture of a country becomes a valuable impact and allowed me to pursue my artistic investigation. Apart from meeting other artists in residency, I would veery much look forward to meeting the local artist community – artists, curators and others engaged in the field.

Artist statement

My main focus of interest has developed towards the gendered trauma and abjected bodies. I investigate these issues mainly through the lens of still and moving camera but express mostly by building spacial installations combined of sculptural objects, sound, video and other media. I focus on trauma, both as a very personal occurrence of one as well as a deep collective experience. In my practice I try to use art as a tool to reverse socially constructed terminology of gender and norms by emphasising the objectification of bodies (often in the context of my own experiences, social background and nationality). I am interested in the general obsession of gendered bodies and the unspoken weaknesses that are so often connected to the alienation of different kinds. Inspired by contemporary feminist thought and existentialist philosophy and psychoanalysis, I look into deep aspects of trauma, I start to underline the symbol of invisible power over bodies and connect it to the personal life of one. I attempt to recreate the anti-catharsis of a person who has lived through the trauma of being in an abusive-romantic relationship.

Since my practice and main interest is focused on variation of traumatic experiences with large focus on gender inequality issues, I often create installation spaces that allow to look at the matter from a different or unobvious perspective.