Astrid Vlasman NETHERLANDS


Year of Residency: 2020


Education Training Lecturing

Training Museum docent at Cultuureducatie Groep   2015
Understand children's drawings course   2012
Course I learn differently (image thinkers)   2012
Education writing pedagogical Help (SPH)   2009-2011
Training professional Artists In the Classroom (de BIK)   2005-2006
Free Academy of Fine Arts, The Hague   1987-1991
Academy for Journalism, Tilburg   1982-1985
Rivendell College, Uden   1978-1981
Educational assistant at Heritage Leiden E.O.   2009-present
Writing teacher   2012-present
Educational art projects for primary and vocational Education   2002-present
Around leader/workshops at the Utopa foundation   2015-2017
Teacher of the art class Davinci College Leiden   2018-2020
Lecturer in Visual Education Leiden University   2019

Exhibitions Art projects

Textile FestivalLeiden   2020
Salon des Artistes Zoetermeer   2019
Old School Leiden   2019
Museum Opsterland Gorredijk   2016
Art Room In advance Leiden   2016
Ars Aemula naturaeLeiden   2015
Textile Festival Leiden   2015
Kunstuitleen BollenstreekHillegom   2013
Annual Art Route Leiden   1990-present

Artist statement

In my work I investigate people, the places they take and the traces they leave behind. The recent work consists of abandoned interiors and single figures. I'm using various materials like paper, textile, photos and handwritten messages. I paint with paper and make large collages on board or canvas.  Color and material are very important in my work. The inspiration comes from pictures/paintings in books or newspapers. I like to look at other artists, use forms or a sentiment and make it my own. Children, Lonely people and lonely places are the main subjects of my work.


A few decades I am working as a visual artist in Leiden, the Netherlands. Besides making art, I have always had different jobs in the art and education sector, and I have raised a family. Now is the moment to get the focus complete on art.  I want to make art 7 days a week and suck everything up like a sponge, 24 hours in new surroundings. Alone, without my family and the pressure of every day live.  My dream to go abroad somewhere in an unknown part of Europe and bring new influences in my artwork. I like to go to Belgrade to connect with the city and the people who live there. I want to see the present and the history and feel the center of Europe. I want to look with a childish eye to the city, where do the children play, where are the hiding, how are they living. I am interested in the way the people live in their houses, looking for differences and similarities with my live here in North Europe. For me it is a very new culture and I see it as an adventure.

My artwork is a combination of torn paper, pictures and oil paint. I glue the paper in different layers. The paper that I use, among other things, comes from packaging (bags, gift wrap, etc.) that I collect every day. Al paper is used.  During my stay in Belgrade I want to collect and use local paper and glue it in my new work. So, I think you can find back this Serbian material in my work. Therefore, my plan is to walk through the city every day, watch people, take pictures, find material, make contact en and use all my impressions in new artwork. Also, I like to connect with other artist and exchange thoughts.  Also, I want to give a few workshops to children and take my part in the neighbor community.