Belgrade Art Tours


Belgrade Art Tours is the ideal companion for discovering the city creating memorable experiences

Belgrade Art Tours is dedicated to creating memorable experiences for visitors by offering customized art tours of Belgrade and its surrounds. Our exceptional tailor-made trips will take you to places you won’t see on the tourist run. We love to create an unforgettable experience and most importantly make you feel welcome. Our aim is to give you a lasting memory, an enjoyable experience with not just outstanding service but peppered with facts, fun and showcasing the best of Belgrade and its surrounds.

Discover hidden laneways and new neighbourhoods while learning about Belgrade’s fascinating history and the stories behind the city’s most loved artworks

Belgrade is brimming with history, cuisine, culture, fashion, design and art, not to mention some of the most interesting places in the world. We will show you everything you want to see and everything you didn’t know you wanted to see.

Truly private customised art tours

Belgrade Art Tours can include walking and driving. We do not adhere to set times for tours – we are at your service and tour times are at your choosing with a required minimum of 2 hours. We design our escorted tours specifically for small groups which allows us to move about more flexibly and efficiently; enjoy more spontaneous encounters; and experience a degree of freedom and independence.

Respect for Your Freedom and Individuality

We want to treat you to an experience you yourself would organize for a visiting family member or friend. We would love you to experience the best Belgrade has to offer and embrace why Belgrade siders love their city.