Interview – Anne Labovitz – Belgrade Art Studio Online Residency


You are committed to interactive and at the same time beautiful public art. How does public art promote healthy, flourishing […]

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Interview – Jean Claire Dy – Belgrade Art Studio Online Residency


To start us off, could you please tell us a little bit about yourself and the type of artwork you […]

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Interview – Ally Zlatar – Belgrade Art Studio Online Residency


What motivates you as an artist, curator, researcher? Is it curiosity, the search of something…? I am a firm believer […]

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Interview – Emily Orley – Belgrade Art Studio Online Residency


When did you realize that art is your path? In the spirit of Joseph Beuys, I do believe that everyone […]

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Interview – Alexandra Ivantsova – Belgrade Art Studio Online Residency


  When did you realize you wanted to become an artist? Is there a story behind it? I just really […]

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Interview – Sarah Nguyen – Belgrade Art Studio Online Residency


When did you realize art was an integral part of your life?? What do you feel is crucial to your growth […]

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Interview – Veronica An – Belgrade Art Studio Online Residency


  What made you decide to become a photographer? Was it something you’d always had an interest in or was […]

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Interview – Heather Phillips


When did it dawn upon you that you wanted to be a writer? You started with acting, right? Yes I […]

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Interview – Anna Jarosz PL

anna jarosz_portrait

Initially, you were educated in different fields. How did you choose your artistic career? I have background in still photography and […]

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Sebastian Franke – our new resident from Germany


Belgrade Art Studio is delighted to welcome German photographer and filmmaker Sebastian Franke. Since May 2018 he has been working on a photo documentation […]

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