Interview – James Meetze – USA


What would you say is the first form that stumped or challenged you, and why? I wouldn’t say that any […]

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November 2019 Writer in Residence Miguel Guerrero Becerra from Mexico


Belgrade Art Studio is delighted to welcome Miguel Guerrero Becerra, a writer from Mexico. Miguel is an independent writer but also […]

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November 2019 Artist in Residence Maria Flawia Litwin from Canada


Belgrade Art Studio is delighted to welcome Maria Flawia Litwin. Maria Flawia Litwin is a visual artist who grew up […]

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Interview – Agnes Marton – Hungary/Luxembourg


  How did you start writing?  Even at the age of four I told stories of my own. Was the […]

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October 2019 Writer in Residence Agnes Marton from Luxembourg


Belgrade Art Studio is delighted to welcome Agnes Marton. Louxembourg based poet. Agnes, born in Hungary, graduated from Karoly Esterhazy […]

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October 2019 Artist in Residence Linnéa Deurell from Sweden


Belgrade Art Studio is delighted to welcome a poet and performer from Sweden, Linnéa Deurell. She works across disciplines (poetry/literature, script writing […]

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Interview – Linnéa Deurell/Yu Tang – Sweden/USA


(L/Yu) How did you two meet each other? Is it easy to cooperate professionally and be friends at the same […]

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October 2019 Pianist in Residence Yu Tang from USA


Belgrade Art Studio is delighted to welcome a pianist Yu Tang, Taiwan born, based in USA. Yu graduated from San Diego Mesa College in […]

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October 2019 writer in Residence James Meetze from USA


Belgrade Art Studio is delighted to welcome James Meetze, a poet from USA. James is the author of three books […]

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Interview – Jack Giaour – USA

Screenshot (79)

How did you get started as a writer? When did you discover your passion? I’ve loved reading books pretty much […]

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