Happy Almost 2019

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Wishing you happy holidays and a productive and inspiring New Year! Belgrade Art Studio Residency team […]

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Interview – Rose Cao – Vietnam


What attracted you to the flower design? How and when did you start? My boyfriend (now husband) always brought me […]

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Interview – Adrian Cherry – Florida, USA

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You are self-taught, do you regret not going to an art school? I’m mostly self-taught. I did attend some art […]

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November 2018 Artist in Residence Adrian Cherry from USA


Belgrade Art Studio is delighted to welcome Adrian Cherry, a visual artist from Orlando, USA. Adrian is our November artist in […]

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Interview – Alena Mehic, Bosnia – USA


When did you first start painting? Were you born with a paint palette in hand, or did your interest in […]

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September 2018 Artist in Residence Alena Mehic from Bosnia/USA


Belgrade Art Studio is delighted to welcome a visual artist based in Nashville USA, Alena Mehic for the September 2018 residency in […]

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Interview – Hosna Karnama from Iran


The most of your paintings are round canvases, could you explain us the concept? Yes, the mostly of my works are […]

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August 2018 Artist in Residence Hosna Karnama from Iran


Belgrade Art Studio is delighted to welcome Hosna Karnama, an artist from Behshahr in Iran for the August 2018 residency in Belgrade. […]

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Interview – Australian artist Libbet Loughnan

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Most of your work are male and female portraits. Could you tell us why you are fascinated by this subject? People […]

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July 2018 Artist in Residence Libbet Loughnan from Australia


Belgrade Art Studio welcomes a July 2018 resident,  Libbet Loughnan, a painter from Tasmania, Australia. Libbet has been really active as […]

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