February 2019 Artist in Residence Paola Lopreiato NOYSS from Italy

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Belgrade Art Studio is delighted to welcome Paola Lopreiato NOYSS, a multimedia artist from Bologna, Italy, currently residing in Florence.

She earned both her bachelor and Master degrees in new media and music studies. At the moment, Paola is Ph.D. part-time student, New media art -University of Plymouth. She has international experience in different art projects and residencies, many performances, presentations, concerts and exhibitions.

The central theme of her artistic research is the desire to create deep sensory experiences. In her work, she involves sensations, feelings and thoughts, bringing out her creative interpretation of the present, trying to give more room for content than for the popular aesthetic or spectacular interfaces and trying to identify the right balance between artistic expression and expressive vehicle.

Paola uses different media such as music, video, installation, digital photography, drawing and painting, literature and storytelling, combining them through manipulation and interaction.