Interview – Hosna Karnama from Iran


The most of your paintings are round canvases, could you explain us the concept? Yes, the mostly of my works are on canvases but my the general concept is about war and battles and in 2 way I express my views : in mythological way and the cartoonist objects, but in both of them my point about battle is not inside specific zone or between borders, it is actually happening inside of us every thing around us has inside contrast to balancing our lives…

What is the story of your paintings? That mixture of Persian traditional and contemporary? My art works are mixture of mythological features and contemporary issues, actually I express myself as a contemporary artist who has connecting whit my pass and my culture, some times in funny way to shocking my viewer sometimes in serious way but as a painter I continuing my way in the mind of every individual person.

There’s a great diversity in the way women from your country express themselves, whether through their art, clothing, values, attitudes. How do you feel being a female artist in Iran? Actually I don’t have any sexist view about myself. I feel I am just a human but although there are to many problems in the way of the women around the world. And specially in some traditional and religious countries. But art has same language and doesn’t tolerate any forbidening. I was so lucky to have a chance to work and communicate with the people who has great and open mind. So there are problems always and I tried to find solutions and keep my mind open about it.

You search for inspiration visiting different countries and places. How did you find Belgrade so far? Any new ideas for your art? I am amazed by Balkans’ art and the museums who have chance to see them, they rich of the Spectacular works and of course it has specific impact on me but I can’t say in which way?
These impacts would remain in my soul and my mind indeed.

What are the images of Belgrade that you will remember? Buildings ،Balkans art, Nightlife and the warm welcoming people and warm atmosphere of Belgrade will be remembered

How do you like the idea of international residency in Belgrade and what would you say to the future international artists coming? Residency is a clever idea to bringing artists here and make new connection between young artists and maybe older to knowing better Belgrade and your arts and of course your culture and who knows maybe some participating projects in future

What are you future career plans? My next plan is going to other countries and be familiar with other cultures their art works and find good connections and meet others artists in other countries

Would you visit us again? Of course I’d like to come back here and seeing my friends  and being familiar with other variety of art like theatre and dance, who’s know maybe very soon