Interview – Katayoon Forouhesh – Iran/UK

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Could you describe briefly your journey from your place of birth to London today? How did you decide to stay in the UK?

I born in Tehran and after studying B.A Print media in University of Art Tehran, Iran. I intended to study in Paris, France actually. But I ended up in London to study Graphic moving image. The reason that I pursued Moving Image was because I felt I can talk in the sequential series than in another form. Now that I am looking back I think it was very lucky that It happened this way.

Your comparison of being a female artist in Iran and in the UK?

Well, I think there might be some differences in the form of being.

How have your life experiences, your origins and life in a foreign country influenced your art over the years?

I think the journey that I have been through from raising in Iran to immigrating to another country(UK) had many aspects. Immigration in general i think help you to widen your vision, to distant from yourself and your root. This distance help you out to see yourself from another perspective. but the journey itself is not easy one. To reach out this new vision of yourself in a different place with a complete different culture, you need spend years on it, I am not saying I got to any point yet. which might delay or accelerate everything in your life it depends on you.

You are using different media. What is your favorite?

Well, I think working and exploring more with image and video is my favorite medium, but sometimes I am craving for trying new material, something more physical.

What are your impressions of Belgrade? What did you find interesting?

I think Belgrade is a city that you can see layers of history on their people, street and building. and that’s very interesting. the city had its own character, something that nowadays rarely you can find. Still it is not very tourist oriented to be difficult to find the real life. Strolling in the streets and observing people was my everyday habit during this time.

What would be your recommendation to artists coming to the studio in the future?

Read and study about Belgrade before you arrive. Specially if you are staying for a short time. iI think Belgrade it self can be very inspiring.

What are your future plans and projects?

Well, once I got back I want to work on all the photos and videos that I have captured from the city. and start my book art project which is still in a very early stages.