Interview -Maria Flawia Litwin – Canada



When did you realize that art is your path?

Never really thought about it, just happened. Only years after becoming and artist it occurred to me that that was my path all along.

How was the transition from your upbringing in Poland and Australia to living in completely different part of the world when you moved to Canada? How did that impact your work?

Dramatically. All of a sudden I was given opportunities and was championed y my community.

You choose different media to express yourself. Is there one that you prefer?

No. I choose medium appropriate to the project. Especially, if I have to learn a new medium and techniques associated with it.

You often use the concept of being the artist and the piece of art at the same time. What differentiates real life from your performances?

Intention. It is like living a story and telling a story. In telling a story connect with the audience.

How do you channel your energy when you are not creating?

Dancing. Walking. Pilates. Reading.

What made you interested in Belgrade? Did you find what you were looking for?

I was interested in the complex narratives of the Balkans and wished to be submerged in the liminal space of familiar and unfamiliar. Belgrade delivers more that is imaginable. Very day has given me a new perspective.

What would you like to accomplish in the near future and how do you keep your ideas fresh?

I wish to continue developing the current work of reclaiming Pagan Slavic traditions in collaboration with other artists.

To encourage freshness of ideas I challenge myself to think differently that in the last project. It is always a struggle but the urge to create relevant work is stronger than the urge to deliver the work that the audience already appreciates.

Any advice to artists who wish to visit Belgrade…

Come with open eyes, heart and mind.