Interview – Paola Lopreiato NOYSS – Italy

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What made you want to become an artist?

I guess a person is an artist since s/he was born, but few people* I have to thank for helping me understand that I was one, just telling me: you can do it!

I trusted them and here I am….

*(thanks Monica, Silvia, Simone, Alfonso)

Who would you say has been the biggest influence on you as an artist?

Laurie Anderson. She is one of the artists I appreciate the most. Thanks to her work I also realized I wanted to express myself as a performer.

Your work covers several mediums, which do you prefer to work in? …..  Do you plan to get back to painting?

I like composing electro-acoustic music and video making. Performing on stage is very exciting but a very hard process in term of creation of the show and setting up. Composing and video making is much more direct, an everyday activity, also easy to promote and share: you only need a computer, internet connection and someone eventually clicking “play” 🙂

I do love painting and I essentially never left it. It is just that unfortunately I am not able to separate from my paintings (i.e. to sell them) so it will always remain a private thing, I guess. But is not secondary to music or video, it gives me the same pleasure and satisfaction!
How do you keep your ideas fresh? Has travelling something to do with it?
yes of course. Travelling and talking to people. I always find inspiration from what I see around me, what I listen to and read. It can be at home as well but changing your environment and going out your comfort zone is always a good occasion for learning and growing.
What inspired you to choose Belgrade?

I wanted to be near home but at the same time not in a typical European country. I have never been in any part of east Europe even if is relatively close. I wanted a place that could be both old and new, a place near and far at the same time…. and Belgrade looked like this to me.

Did you find your inspiration here?

Yes, although my time here was limited. I am making a video with pictures of the city, and a composition based on a recording of a street artist…

It has been a long time that I have not done a video art piece (I was dedicating much time to VR lately) and I am glad I could go back to my first love.

Belgrade is a city that gives you a lot in its easiness…I don’t think I grasped a lot of its nature and culture, but I had a glimpse of it here and there…so I definitely have to come back!

What would you like to accomplish in the near future?

I have no idea…. maybe getting my PhD and go back to just being artist!

What is your message to the next Belgrade Art Studio resident?

I was alone here so I would say enjoy solitude, the feeling of what happens, the apartment, the neighborhood….just let it flow without big expectation; expectations can lead to disappointment…..if you free your mind and just get what the place has to offer, you will be surprised…and I would say in a positive way!