Interview – Rose Cao – Vietnam


What attracted you to the flower design? How and when did you start?

My boyfriend (now husband) always brought me different flowers, some quite unorthodox. The discovered love for flowers overwhelmed me and in 2015 I joined Nobleman Institute of Floral Design in Singapore.

How did you develop your signature style?

I can describe my style as ‘Clean – Sleek- Minimalist’. I always intend to pursue ‘Less is More’ principle with my design. I always admired works of Gregor Lersh and Stef Adrianssens which influenced me.

In your opinion what has been your career highlight?

Competition – Singapore Garden Festival, became the first Vietnamese to enter the SGF Finals and won the Silver Cup in a Table Floral Display series

Teaching – have successfully instructed over 200 students in Asia and Oceania in 2 years (over 500 workshops). Have trained 3 instructors.

How did you decide to start your own flower art workshops?

I started flower art workshops back in Singapore straight after winning my first competition. I became popular and had to answer demands of people who wanted to learn from me. Created a structured course of 60 topics on European and American design in 2017.

What’s your favorite flower? Where do you look for inspiration?

My favourite flower is Vanda Orchid. Flowers and nature inspire me.

How did you decide to come to Belgrade and do your workshops here?

My family is visiting Serbia in December. I know Belgrade has a vibrant arts scene. I have an established brand in SE Asia. Tempted to try and see how people could feel about my workshops in Europe.

How do you feel about the collaboration with Belgrade Art Studio?

I think Belgrade Art Studio is a unique project focused on international artists. I’m excited to work with you as my host.

What are you future plans?

My vision is to spread Floral Art to people who love flowers. Empower them to create flower designs on their own. I will do it wherever I am.