Ivo Aichenbaum Argentina

Ivo Aichenbaum

Year of Residency: 2017

Ivo Aichenbaum  studied Cinema at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). He received several scholarships related to visual arts and participated in the Cinema Lab and Artist Program of the University Torcuato Di Tella. Since 2010 he shows video works, photographs and installations in galleries, artist-run art spaces and museums. His films The automatic part and Micehead were released in editions of BAFICI 12th and 13th within the jurisdiction Cinema of the Future and the Panorama section respectively.

In 2014 he received the first special Jury Award for Micehead in 10th Festifreak of La Plata, and along with photographer Soledad Manrique, co-directed his third feature Formosa.

Currently, he teaches documentary, contemporary art and Cinema Essay workshops in the Buenos Aires National Library, Club Cultural Matienzo and Centro Cultural Leon-Leon. He is also the director of URSA studio, a film production company.

Artist statement

‘The travel diaries filmed between 2012 and 2014, “Te automatic part” (2012), “Micehead” (2013), and “Formosa” (2014), narrate my personal process of politicization, grown in the post-dictatorship disappointment.

In these essays exercises, I crosses with perplexity and bewilderment the foundational ideas, the revolution and stand a generational point of view that is political and hopeful.’


INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL, a film by: Ivo Aichenbaum

My father militated at the Secretary of Mass Agitation at the Communist Youth Federation and my mother militated with the third-world priests doing social work. They traveled together to the Sandinist Guerrilla as internationalist doctors. There I was conceived. Five years later, the burned they passports to have the possibility to enter the United States and think about settle down there. Finally I grew up in Rio Gallegos, an undiscovered town where the Kirchner had not imaginate yet their mithycal destiny at the national political life.

Trips are a fundamental part of my life and identity. Before, because of my parents decisión and now because of my own choice.

I belong to one of the firsts generations of youth-adults that did not have a substantial experience of a world where the socialism was a real political option. Eventhough I experienced the resurgence of progressive governments in Latin America during the last decade, according to the realpolitik, left hand ideas did not succeed in reformulate as much as needed to pass through their cultural contradictions and stop being perceived as naive, utopic or demagogic.

At this moment of democratic crisis, speculative economy and strengthening of neoliberal/ right hands around the world, the project titled International Journal aims to rethink the revolutionary experiences with an historic and generational perspective for the future.

The purpose of this travelogue is to know significantly what is left about those leftist revolutionary experiences around the world. International Journal aims to rescue the valuable aspects and problematize the mistakes making an audiovisual testimony with the objective of rethink alternatives to leftist politics on a post-fordist world. To build the itinerary I start form some investigation hypothesis and local characterizations that will be contrasted with real experiences during the trip.

Articles and Reviews

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