June/July 2018 Artist in Residence Catey Hager from USA


Belgrade Art Studio is delighted to welcome a freelance photographer and visual artist based in the East San Francisco Bay area, Catey Hager for the June/July 2018 residency in Belgrade.

With a parent in the military, she grew up with a perpetually changing home, and the same impermanence continues to guide the way she presently lives.  The relevance of belonging somewhere and being elsewhere, whether out of necessity or choice, drives a lot of her personal work.  In the same way that elements of time and place are integral to photography, she find these themes are so determinant of one’s identity and personal experience.

She is fascinated with photography’s transformative powers and in its ability to cultivate new experience, to silence what isn’t, and vice versa. In her work, she hopes to cultivate her craft as a message that is capable of allowing infinite interpretations beyond our narrow perception.