March 2019 Artist in Residence Amber Ní Chadain Coileáin from Ireland

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Belgrade Art Studio welcomes Amber Ní Chadain Coileáin, an artist from Ireland.

Always an artist, She taught herself in Art and Photography. Where as many artists start at a young age, she began her interest late. It was always important to her that hard work and passion could preserver over anything.

Now a professional artist, she specialize in Ink and Watercolor, as well as wood carving and photography. Her Work is heavily inspired by Irish Mythology, ideas of cultural loss and colonialism.

Growing up in a country with a rich history that has been eroded by many invasions over the years, she wishes to discover and connect with all cultures to move forward. As someone who spends months on one piece, she realizes that the emotion of that piece can only be truly captured in the original work.