Marjolaine’s art diary during the residency in Belgrade


From Fes to Belgrade, for Marjolaine the journey was and will be colored in warm, African colors, in a dance performed between the traditional sounds and songs of the two cities.

Her artistic expression, already known as a dance with movements created by improvisation, which this time was influenced by the Moroccan wind and is ready to welcome and offer collaborations from the Serbian territory.

A week-long Artistic residence that will begin on Orthodox Christmas, an opportunity to listen to traditional songs, work with Serbian artists.

The painting is born in Morocco, from the meeting of simple people, souck music, a dance on a canvas lying on the ground on a riad of some alley of the old town.

Now this canvas will leave Belgrade, to turn into an Eden Garden in Serbian Rajski vrt.

As with Tangenze, the first success of this artist, every time it will be exhibited, new performances will be born to make it each time vibrating with contemporariness.


Belgrade 12 January.

Without any effort, spontaneous collaboration is born with Baxx, a Serbian painter.

The creative process remains faithful to Tangenze, the reflections on Christmas days, the listening to the Orthodox Songs and the visits of the evocative churches, have suggested the couple to also depict an icon, in the canvas “Garden of Eden”.

From the thoughts of the theologian C, Bulgkov.

The condition of hell is not eternal, and anyone can be saved from the prayers of God’s people.

The Orthodox Church recognizes a stage of purification, La Scala della Prova, is in the process of Judgment that it triggers, and we can say in some measure that hell is the place of passage to heaven, “because hell is empty” (…)

This is the inspiration for the new painting.