Masoumeh Moloud Etebarzadeh Iran


Year of Residency: 2017


  • PhD student in Philosophy of Art
  • Master’s degree in illustration, graphics specialty, Azad University of Central Tehran, Arts & Architecture Faculty.
  • Bachelor’s degree in graphics, Allameh Bahr ol-Ulum Higher Education Institute in Broojerd.
  • A Lecturer of the Islamic Azad University
  • A Lecturer of various workshops on creativity in the graphic arts held in Sheikh Hadi Gallery under the supervision of Tehran Municipality

Publications and Work Experience

  • An illustrator of Sorush Koodakan Journal and cooperation with the Journal for many of its issues, also illustrating for other journals and publications including Hamshahri e Bacheha, Melica Journal, Pake Noruzi, Aftab Journal, and Nabat Journal.
  • Book illustration for Monadi e Tarbiyat Publication,
  • Illustration for the book ‘Kert o Perthaye Ghasr e Gomshode’ (Adds and Ends of the Lost Palace) published by Shahr e Ghalam,
  • Illustration of cover pages of notebooks for Zimazh Stationery Company, and
  • Illustration of the fourth grade elementary school textbook of sciences.

Research Studies

  • The article ‘Ways to bring creativity into the field of illustration’ published by Naghsh Mayeh Research & Scientific Quarterly,
  • The article ‘An examination into the ways of creating adaptation with an approach to illustration works’ published by Naghsh Mayeh Research & Scientific Quarterly,
  • The article ‘Creative idea-producing in the field of illustration’ published by Peikareh Professional and Scientific Quarterly of the University of Chamran.
  • The article ‘A brief investigation of definition of scientific illustration and the importance of educational topics in this field’ accepted by Turkish online journal of design, art and communication.


  • Selected as the state’s Second Top in the 9th Kharazmi Award in the section of arts and innovation for the illustration of the book ‘Dark but Shinny’
  • Admission to a Residence Call. La Macina di San Cresci. Italy. 2017,
  • Selected to participate in the second market of artworks. Sponsored by institute for promotion Contemporary visual arts.Iran. 2017,
  • Selected by Baharestan annual urban art 2017, and I performed my work in 576 square meters on three apartments in Tehran,
  • Participation in the exhibition of illustrations at the Beijing International Book Fair. 2017,
  • Selected by The 4th Gold Panda International Cartoon and Illustration Competition. China, 2016,
  • Selected by Hiii Photography 2016 competition,
  • Participation in the solo exhibition ‘Fantasies are multifaceted‘ 2016,
  • A selected work in the Illustration Bulletin 2015,
  • Participation in the Amida Group Fair 2015 held in Iranian Arts Museum Garden.
  • Selected by VOCABULARY FOR SHORT STORY WRITING Nasim Literary Festival 2015,
  • Participation in the 1st Illustrators Group Fair held in Books International Exhibition 2015,
  • A selected work in ‘I Breathe with You’ (2014) held by the Massachusetts University, U.S.,
  • A selected work in the 2014 festival held by De Young Fine Arts Museum, San Francisco,
  • An acclaimed work in the Select Press Works Fair in a charity auction (2014),
  • A selected work in the Best Poster 2014 held by Sorush e Koodakan Journal,
  • Participation in MELICA JOURNAL’s SELECT WORKS Group Fair 2014 held in Eshragh Gallery,
  • Organizer and one of the executives of ‘WE ARE MERELY STUDENTS’ Select Students Group Fair 2014,
  • A selected work in the 2nd Shamseh Festival 2013,
  • An acclaimed work in the 6th Visual Arts Festival (Youth Arts) (2013),
  • Selected by the Afdesta Illustration Festival 2013,
  • Selected by the 6th Fajr Visual Arts Festival 2013,
  • Selected by the 2nd Niyayesh Illustration Biennial 2012,
  • Participation in the MEMORIES Group Fair 2012 held by Tehran Shahed Gallery,
  • Selected by the Fajr International Visual Arts Festival 2011 in the section of free topic illustration,
  • Selected by the 2nd Afdesta Group Fair 2011 in the section of photography,
  • Selected by the 2nd  Afdesta Group Fair 2011 in the section of illustration,
  • Participation in the Illustrators’ Week Fair 2011 held by Artists Home,
  • Selected by the 5th  Visual Arts Festival (Youth Arts) 2010,
  •  Selected by the 1st Iranian Youth National Festival 2010,
  • Selected by the 4th Visual Arts Festival (Youth Arts) 2008,
  • Participation in the Select University Students Works,
  • Participation in the Iran Beauties Fair & Contest held by the international museum in San Francisco. And,
  • Selected by various scientific and artistic competitions held province-wide.

Artist statement

Currently, I am studying philosophy of art as a PhD student at (Arts & Architecture Faculty in Tehran-Iran). I have been illustrating books for children and teenagers for 7 years, and I paint and draw also. In my point of view, an image is an international language which has a lot of mysticism. Visual arts and human expression through, are very important issues.

Actually, what inspires me as an artist, can be the answer of these questions; what can nature give me? what can I do for nature? what is the relation between art and nature? why was primitive nature like Norway nature, more inspiring for artist than the nature which is occupied by humans? Why have some philosophers and artists liberated their positive energies in the context of nature?

Nature has inspired countless artists around the world. Image language illustrated their opinions, wishes, fears and happiness. I want to be among these artist as an Eastern artist to know what the differences and similarities are between our visual language and culture. Illustrating will help me to interact with artists from other countries. I want to create a philosophy image which is not complicated to understand.

I think the art exchange program provides cultural and artistic exchanges with artists from different countries. In artistic residence, artists move away from their workplace and everyday life, and they have affected by the culture and art of another country. So it will influence on their creation. It is an opportunity for the program’s artists to exchange, converse and create works at a workshop.


What am I saying and how are you hearing? What do I draw? and how do you see it ?

There is a question for me about the association of visual issues. Is visual ability a merely enough to understand an image? Are the culture, history, and weather etc. effective on our point of view ?

Serbian art history is totally different from the art history of my country. Each of these countries had different experiences and historical events that changed the pathway of their art history. All of these have caused that we analyze beauties according to different issues. But the point that has always engulfed my mind, is the place of emulation, balance, concinnity and proportionality in these beauties.

The proportionality is very important in art because it is tied to history. Plato considered that the beauty depends on the ratio of harmony and rhyme. The golden ratio was used by artists to make their artwork closer to spiritual beauty. The golden ratio was also introduced in Iranian artwork. Artists made holy places with religious inspiration and often intended to uplift the mind to the spiritual. But now, I have this question that if the golden ratio can still be expressed in art? I want to research about the relationship between the harmony in Iranian miniatures and golden ratio of the Renaissance period and the relationship of geometry and art. I want to use an Serbian environment to create a work which can achieve the Fibonacci number in proportionality. So, I can realize that if the contemporary audience tastes, both adults and children, are looking for proportionality and balance or not.

Articles and Reviews

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