Project NEW BELGRADE by Ivo Aichenbaum from Argentina


Ivo Aichenbaum from Argentina, fellow 2017


New Belgrade was designed according to modernist concepts of architecture. Under the government of Marshall Tito, Yugoslav achieved independence, remarking its priorities in relation to Stalin policies to the satellite states of the Soviet Union.

The strategic location of the country allowed it to make huge economic profit from the cold war. Tito promoted himself as the political leader of the 3rd world. The so called non aligned countries. Trough that policy he managed to widen the external market for agriculture, metal-mechanic industry, and weapons produced by Yugoslav.

‘The buildings that relieve those who cross the bridge from old to new Belgrade have a nickname “The guardians”. Most of theme where given to high ranks in the army in times of Marshal Tito. I approached the entrance of one of these buildings with big billboards to shoot a panoramic view of the city.

The woman in charge called the administrator of the building, Nemañá Brankovich who lives in the 9th floor. He is fluent in Spanish because he lived 15 years in Dominican Republic working as Photographer for NGO’s, hotels and government projects along with an Argentinian Partner. Four years ago he decided to return to the neighborhood.’