Siddharth Pathak INDIA

Portrait - Siddharth Pathak Belgrade Art Studio Application August 2020

Year of Residency: 2020

Education So Far:

Bachelor’s of Management Studies – Specialization: Marketing, June 2008 Mumbai University,
PGCP – Advertising – Specialization: Advertising – MICA, India September 2010

Professional Experience:

Artist since 2012, Freelance Copy-writing & Branding Consultant since 2010, Visiting Professor
of Advertising & Copy-writing at MIT Institute of Design, Pune, Maharashtra, India from 2013 to 2019

Artist statement

At the core of my practice, is an imaginative investigation of Trauma and Learning. My work is a distillate of human thought & the method of life, evidenced through adaptable and transformative installations, experimental audio, film & video, visual art as well as
performance art and writing. Each process seeks to capture the moments between cycles of being, and un-being .

Our life in this world is a cloud of parallel events, ever shifting and moving. Everything touches us equally and differently at the same time, synchronously shaping the evolution of our beliefs as one singular ecosystem. This motivates me to draw inspiration from personal conversations, true stories, human relationships, our relationship with nature, culture-rich experiences, poetry and music among other things; and I filter what I learn through the mesh of contemporary urban tenet, developmental human psychology – particularly social
emotional development in conjunction with adulthood, and the thread that ties reductionism & emergentism.

My process is physical in nature. I am a floor-worker. When creating, I exercise a primal and unassuming work ethic, that is underivative by default. If you walk into the studio, you will most likely find me on my hands and knees, sitting on the floor looking at something, taking measurements with my body, or rolling and stumbling around the canvas/installation I am working on. I forge relationships with my projects through action, movement and internal conversation. I am happening to the process, as much as it is happening to me. Physical
energy, insight into the subject, and spontaneity are my foremost resources.

More about…

Started out with Painting for self-expression at my home in Pune City, India. Since then I have used the insight gained from my advertising work, to decode human behaviour. As the years progressed, my mediums changed, and my study into the human mind deepened, and I began searching for answers in the disciplines of Developmental Psychology (particularly social emotional development in conjunction with adulthood), Abnormal Psychology and the thread that ties the Philosophies of Reductionism & Emergentism.

At present, as an artist I investigate the relationship between Recovery & Trauma with found objects, residual material fragments, and traditional mediums while incorporating specific video and audio art components, performance arts practices, and build basic mechanical contraptions that assist in the creation of my work. Most of my projects are envisioned as long term undertakings in the study and documentation of Unconscious Conflict.

Over the last 7 years my mission has been to teach myself about the arts relentlessly, so that I can turn my work & practice into one of relevance, meaning, power and resilience. I study continuously by way of books, online research, looking at art, residencies and by practice -spending time in the studio experimenting. I have been living in Sofia, Bulgaria for 11 months now, and am currently in the last month of an ongoing 6 months arts residency here, challenging myself to exist and create continuously outside my comfort zone; looking hopefully at a future of plastic and multimedia arts along with some time spent exploring land art in collaboration/fusion with Nature to take my practice forward. I extract inspiration from the works of artists from all eras and areas, while keeping my focus intact on discovering my own language, style and method.

Other Experience:

I have conducted several Conceptual Art, Abstract Art, and Non Objective Painting
workshops in recent years, with programs I designed myself.

Residencies & Exhibitions:

1. Oasis 1.5 “Coal & Ice” – Installation – Currently ongoing online group exhibition – conceived through the Online Art Residency Program with World of Co, Sofia, Bulgaria – Went live on 7th July 2020
2. “House of Correction” Film Duration: 3 minutes 50 seconds – Video Art | Expande Cinema – Recent online group exhibition – conceived through the Online Art
Residency Program with World of Co, Sofia, Bulgaria – Went live on 16th June 2020
3. Amalgamation of Silences; Group Exhibition – conceived through the Art Residency Program with World of Co, Sofia
Date: Exhibited in Sofia, Bulgaria on 26th February 2020
4. Alchemy – Participatory Art | Category: User; Group Exhibition – conceived for the Found On All Fours festival held at ikattha space, Mumbai, India
Date: Exhibited on 24th February 2019, Mumbai, India
5. Group Open Studio Day post art residency at Space 118 Studios, Mumbai, India, 1st December 2018
6. Art residency with Devrai Art Village, India – learning ancient lost wax metal casting techniques for sculpture creation – July/August 2018
7. The Grain of Thought; Solo Exhibition – conceived through the Art Residency Program at Bharat Nivas, The Pavilion of India, Auroville, Pondicherry
Date: December 11th – 21st 2017, Exhibited at Gallery Square Circle, Auroville, Pondicherry, India