Siddharth Pathak- our new resident artist from India


Belgrade Art Studio is delighted to welcome Siddharth, an artist from India.

Siddharth Pathak is a multi-disciplinary artist with a wide-ranging practice, in which he explores themes of Recovery from Trauma. He typically works with found objects, residual material fragments, and traditional mediums while incorporating specific video and audio art components, performance arts practices, and builds basic mechanical contraptions that assist in the creation of his work. Most of his projects are envisioned as long term undertakings in the study and documentation of Unconscious Conflict.

A brief stint in Advertising gave him insight into contemporary thought, compelling him to look for answers in the disciplines of Developmental and Abnormal Psychology. Through exercises in learning the ways of the human mind and heart, he attempts to capture the
passage of time taken for inner change and transformation; his raw material constituting the moments between cycles of being and otherness. His goal remains to create continuously evolving works of a transitory nature, that invade the viewers senses, while steadily renewing themselves into the now .

“For me, Art is a happening , and it happens when you’re not looking too closely. It’s a sphere of reality that expands to absorb everything you learn along the way, and then the work becomes what it becomes. It is in the act, not in its conclusion,” says Siddharth about his