Veronica An


Online Residency 2021


She was born and raised in New Jersey, but writer/photographer Veronica An has fully embraced the culture of Los Angeles. She’s a transplant who has taken root, growing her own stories about the place she now calls home.

An has a degree in Narrative Studies from the University of Southern California, and while she was still a student, she began exploring the narrative of the city, it’s food, it’s culture, it’s music, it’s art. She wrote for the school’s Daily Trojan while a student.

An herself is all about the real. She writes personal accounts relating her love of all things Los Angeles in publications that include Dumpling Magazine – where she covers topics from Asian American filmmakers to comedians; covers the zeitgeist of dining in LA FOOD Magazine, and covers a variety of news and feature stories for The Hub Newspaper, which focuses its stories on Gen X and millennial readers, among other publications.

She’s a photographer as well as a writer and has produced a documentary film. It all comes back to the “real,” which An is always on a mission to discover.

When she’s not writing or taking photos, Veronica loves to explore the hidden corners of Los Angeles. If walking the sidewalks of the City of Angels isn’t enough, she also works out, and keeps that good-health, good-food vibe going while “cooking amazing vegan food,” as she puts it.

Asked what one sentence best describes her, she offers instead her “favorite sentence: ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.’” There is nothing lazy about An, who is always on the go.

Artist statement

My imagination and perception of the world flow between the mundane and the
fantastical – I want to explore these connections and re-contextualize the ordinary.


SIY Gallery, April 2021
Chemically processed 35mm film digitized and altered to allude to the inner struggles of
the mind for mental health themed exhibit
Aboveboard Magazine
The Power of Three (inaugural issue) March 2021
Composite film and digital self-portraits exploring the relationships between inner self and
external self
Hindsight, 2020 was a…
IncuArts,, December 2020
35mm film shot during the first month of the pandemic, chemically altered with crushed
Advil and Lysol. Virtual exhibition.
Webster Arts, July 2020
Distorted, wide-angle photo of red carnations. Virtual exhibition images and 3D works that
embody the idea of “red.”
Art in Place
Virtual Residency, March 2020
Participated in a community-based virtual residency to encourage fellow artists to
continue creating work during the pandemic. 35mm film photography project in progress.
Size Matters
Shockboxx,, November 2019
Macrophotography image of skeletal leaf (2”long), digitally enhanced and printed on
transparent silk at 36”W x 24”H and framed in a shadowbox.
La Vida series
Baldwin Park Art and Community Center, October 2019
Series of three macro images featuring wrinkled and dried flowers overlaid with
contrasting patterns and textures for a Dia de Los Muertos themed event.
Melting Point
MURZE Magazine, September 2019
Abstract, close-up photo of ice melting shown to international art magazine’s climate
change issue.
Southeast Los Angeles Arts Festival
Los Angeles River Community Center, July 2019
Multi-layered photo collage printed on transparent film mounted to archival matte paper.
Photos taken throughout Los Angeles county, offering three distinct, overlapping snapshots
of the city.
Schockboxx Gallery, April 2019
Photographic prints on vellum, badmouthed on foam board. Series of three photos
exploring the connections between food and self-harm.
Shifting Narratives
Los Angeles City Hall, March 2019
Photo collage created from photos captured at the Los Angeles Women’s March, Los
West Hollywood Pride parade and anti-gun violence rally. Exhibit presented by the Los
Angeles Commission on the Status of Women.
Keep it Fresh
Angel City Brewery, January 2019
Surreal digital art depicting smoke clouds transforming into a historical ship scene, printed
on acrylic
Don’t Shoot Me Down
Schockboxx Gallery, September 2018
Digitally manipulated images offering a surreal perspective on gun violence and
constitutional rights. The pop-up show benefited Everytown, a nonprofit promoting
common sense gun laws.
It’s Time
Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, August 2018
Documentary style photo from the 2017 Women’s March. Opening and closing scheduled
in conjunction with the Santa Ana Art Walk
Schockboxx Gallery, April 2018
Large-scale food-focused photography prints, including macro shots and digitally
manipulated images. The show benefited the South Bay Eating Disorder Coalition.
Alfred the Dinosaur
VAST Lab, February 2018
Macro-photography series exploring miniature worlds with a small plastic dinosaur. This
colorful series invites viewers to re-imagine the ordinary and gives a new perspective on
everyday objects.
Truth in Advertising
Tucasa Art and Music Show, September 2017
Digitally manipulated images and designed to show the “truth” in advertising. This tongueand-
cheek series takes familiar images and pairs them with words that comment on
consumerism and what it is you’re really buying. Also shown at Chocolate and Art,
February 2018.
Fading Flowers
Art Share Perimeter Gallery, August 2017
Elabrew Coffee Art Night, August 2017
Movement in Time Art Show, January 2018
Photo essay on highlighting the beauty of wilting flowers as a reminder of that all stages
of life can and should be appreciated.
From Here to There
Hermosa Center for Design, April 2017
Photo essay in collaboration with the Los Angeles Metro that offers a snapshot of the
sense of community that forms between bus operators and passengers.


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