Victory Victoria-The Universe USA


Year of Residency: 2021

Artist biography

I am a visual storyteller of my own imagination. I have always been memerzied by fashion design, art, photography, music and poetry.

I spent my playtime creating imagery cameras, playing make believe, having giggling dress up tea parties, playing sports and drawing murals on my parents walls. At a very early age, I had enough courage to express myself.

I would draw murals on my parents walls and they would repaint the walls. My parents would give me a lecture about not drawing on the walls. They would say, “that’really a nice drawing, but don’t do it again.” I thought to myself, well maybe I need to draw bigger and they would repaint the walls again. This went on for years and finally my parents enrolled me in a private fine art school taught by a well known landscape artist.

For several years, I studied classical drawing, charcoal, pastels and oil painting. This experience allowed to have a great appreciation for classical music. I had my first group exhibit at the age of 12.

I am older now and I have studied at several colleges to fine tune my art, photography and musical performance skills.

My paintings, murals, monochrome photographs, greeting cards, folk art furniture and my musical poetry tunes are like characters in a play coming together to tell one magical story.

As a visionary, it is my goal to use my creativity to assist the Universe during this healing process. Also, it is my mission to create imagery that will allow my audience to think and feel beyond their own visual perception.

My subject themes are about spirituality, social behavior, gender, race, beauty-health issues, Renaissance fashion, the environment, quantum physics and botany.

Through the years, I have stayed true to my craft which has allowed me to produce art in several different countries.

My paintings, murals, greeting cards, folk art furniture and photographs are in several private collections.



Creating magic is easy for me.”

I would like to use this artist residency for an opportunity to improve my artistic skills. Also, it’s  achance for me to share my awareness about the importance of Universal healing.

My creative goal is to create a new collection of mural sketches,paintings, monochrome photographs,greeting card designs and fine tune my first musical stage play performance.

I will be using the lotus flower for each production phases.

The lotus flower is not only beautiful, but it has this resilient ability to evolve in murky environments.

This is how I feel about the current global situation. Even though, there is fog lingering on the planet, it’s actually a chance to evolve to another level of self appreciation. It’s the perfect opportunity to focus on being healthy and when you are healthy…you are happy and when you are happy…you create magic.

                            “It’s possible!”



-Stay tune for my new instagram-

  “Be healthy, happy and creative.”

             Hvala vam!