About Virtual Art Lab


The Open Call for the Virtual Art Lab is on!

Virtual Art Lab is experimental, creative online platform that allows artists to incorporate knowledge and acquire new tools, experiment, find the necessary motivation to stimulate their projectsadvance with their artistic production, show their work online, establish an international network of colleagues and professionals with whom to mutually nurture each other.

One of the few things that was clear with all the global changes was the fact that the way we support artistic practices, needed to adapt and evolve. And this had to be done by all of us –individuals and institutions– united as a community.  Virtual Art Lab  emerged as a remote shelter for artistic practices that is a hybrid remote program: part seminar, part workshop and part collaborative program.

Our art laboratory is a haven for artistic practices that seeks to support the international artistic and cultural community while, at the same time, generate and promote collective, inter and trans-disciplinary research and experimental projects. 


  • You are an artist/creator and you wish to refresh, inspire, extend or anchor your practice 
  • You have a creative/artistic project and you need support to shape and manifest your project
  • You wish to experiment
  • Try different media
  • Transform your practice
  • You want to make artistic expression & conscious creativity active parts of your life and your decisions making
  • You wish to bring your professional life to another level or another form and you intuitively know that art can be your a guiding force
  • You are committed to experience and share the transformative power of the arts


  • Communicate about your self/work/project.
  • Make your art public.
  • Bring your artistic expression to another level.
  • Re-frame or reinvent your personal / professional life.
  • Overcome this limbic moment in your practice and gain productive momentum.
  • Join forces and work with their peers, either collaboratively or individually through mutual feedback.
  • Make the most of the temporary transition between study practice and creative/productive online formats.
  • Gain access to a new, international and specialized public.
  • Build an international network of colleagues and peers, with whom future projects can then flourish.


  • Each artist is expected to treat the program like any other on-site programs, please be prepared to spend dedicated time on researching, creating, or thinking about your practice
  • Each artist is expected to deliver work in progress material for social media exposure
  • Each artist is expected to participate in an artist interview.
  • Any kind of hate speech and discriminatory contents will not be allowed


Artists and creatives from backgrounds such as, but not limited to: visual arts, music, theatre, dance, film, writing, design, photography, digital/interactive art, gaming, fashion, and architecture, Curators, Thinkers etc.


To apply, please send us your CV, resume, statement along with your portfolio (links will be accepted) to artlab@belgradeartstudio.com. No application fee. No deadline, the program is ongoing.

Selected artists will be announced and contacted via email


3monthe / 12weeks

FOCUS Labs on Zoom
OPEN Practice Labs on Zoom

(group support sessions/individual sessions)

Artists’ profiles

Projects presentation

Social media coverage
Video interview at the beginning of the lab

Written interview
Video interview/discussion when the project is realized
Follow up and support of your personal process
Materials and links to each session

The program is not a full time. The artists will have the majority of time to continue their work. There will be conversations, events, roundtables, etc throughout the 12 weeks, which the artists will be expected to attend.

At the end of the lab, the online viewing and discussion around the work created will be organized. This will be moderated by the program advisor, who will also provide commentary on the works.


12weeks program – 360eur (transfer fees are the expenses of the sender, round 5.5%)

10% off for art students


The program lead will be available for you and will be facilitation between artists and program lead,  available to critique and discuss your process.

We will communicate through digital tools and will use platforms such as Zoom  to share the works and their feedback. You will need a phone or computer and an internet connection, of course.

The ability to collaborate and interact with English is preferred as the program will be conducted in English. However, we do not want this to be a limiting factor to your participation and will work on solutions if the need arises.


For any questions, please email us to artlab@belgradeartstudio.com.

We are always happy to assist you!