Aaron Both


Year of Residency: 2022

I am a visual artist whose primary media is ink and charcoal.  My work revolves around play and analysis, not dissimilar to my sense of humour.  Through my drawings I explore shapes with dynamic shadows, which to me are deep signatures of reality.  Machine parts, which are commonly seen as the antithesis of beauty, offer a clean slate for me to act as a vulture and pick out what is interesting.  An avid board gamer, I also bask in thought conflagrations and the interconnectedness of ideas.  I am seduced by simplicity but cannot resist complexity.
In 2018 my MFA thesis exhibition entitled “Splash Zones” mixed sketchbook experimentation with analytic obsession.  I wrestled for months translating Joyce’s Finnegans Wake to drawings and found inspiration from chair shadows, tractors and chess pieces.
I currently live in Cumberland, BC, Canada and continue to create and show my drawings.  In The Mouka-Both show in Feb of 2022, I explored the relationship between machines and the natural environment.  Coffee shops and cafes are my primary creative environment for the sketchbook, and allow me to be extroverted in my introversion.



Instagram: @aaronboth