Adrien Smart Canada

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Year of Residency: 2022

Bio and Statement

Adrien is a writer, flower farmer, and painter from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He was born in Pessac, France and moved to Canada shortly afterwards, where he grew up in an artistic home with his three older sisters: Laura, Bonnie, and Dana. He was fortunate to have a nurturing and talented support system during his formative years, and because of this, he felt like he could transition into painting after years of commercial flower farming. He is a daily painter, and believes that no matter how tired he may be from a long day out in the field, that happiness hinges on saving his last bit of energy to express himself creatively. Belgrade Art Studio marks his first residency.

Adrien paints primarily in acrylic, with an emphasis on portraiture. His project at Belgrade Art Studo will be to explore the boundaries of his discipline while creating a graphic novel where every frame is hand painted on canvas. Adrien is a voracious reader, and enjoys science fiction, fantasy, satire, and thriller. As a spoken word poet, he has been published in Montréal’s The Blasted Tree (2015), and is a graduate of the University of Victoria’s Creative Writing program (2016) where he completed a major in Screenwriting and Fiction with a minor in Film Studies.


Instagram @aleosmart