E Mark Artist

E. Mark Gross - Headshot possibility ONE

Year of Residency: 2022

E.Mark Gross (b. 1963), artist, game designer, entrepreneurial-attorney & yogi.

I was born and raised in New York, USA and now divide my time between there and the Philippines’ capitol region. I’m blessed with family – including my loving wife and three wonderful children, other family and friends.

Since my teens, I’ve enjoyed being creative as a visual artist for myself, family and friends.  At

ph.linkedin.com/in/e-mark-gross-33422b10 there’s substantial information about my professional career as an attorney, as a lead game designer and otherwise … before becoming a full time professional artist in 2017.

Through color, form & patterns, I strive to bring out a harmony and positivity within each artwork, usually a mixed media work or painting … or digital abstraction, see by way of example Travels in the Cosmos, Abstract animation, 2022 – https://fb.watch/cX3Xe9GLeJ/. Enjoy the ending’s “reveal” of my hidden within the artwork E signature.

“Vibrant” – “Colorful – “Intricate” – “Dynamic” – “Organic” – “Exotic” – “Aquatic” . . . is how patrons often describe my abstractions.

My non-representational abstracts derive from a deep part of what moves me.

I’m often inspired by nature’s colorful phenomena, many of which are in slow flux …. coral reefs, swaying gardens, constellations, the northern, southern & zodiacal lights …….. Ideally, my art subliminally brings the viewer to suspend his or her momentary temporal concerns – and to immerse into a place of zen-like calm positivity.

And because we all like to play, in my mixed media artwork I include my signature E in a manner which is game-like. Enjoy finding the hidden  E .

And, every now and again, I go in a different direction artistically, creating in the medium of photography or otherwise, including my substantial collaboration as conceptualist and co-creator of surrealist digital artworks with Jeffrey Q. Guanlao aka JickJick Artist. Together, we created each of the 22 major arcana cards of the tarot deck. See, jickjick.com/tarot-cards/ 

Recently, I’ve been expanding my abstract vision by creating larger works; 19” by 25” mixed media works and abstract triptychs and polyptychs.

During my residency in urbane and beautiful and Belgrade, I’m looking forward to expanding my creativity with the benefit of insights from accomplished MFA Baxx Vladimir, who heads up the Residency and to whom I’m highly appreciative. Thanks Baxx for the chance to learn and grow with new inspirations!

Artist Statement


“Vibrant” – “Colorful – “Intricate” – “Dynamic” – “Organic” – “Exotic” – “Aquatic” . . . is how patrons describe my art.

I’m gratified; they get what I’m pursuing. After undergrad and law school, I was a lead game designer & now I’m a full time artist. As an abstract MIXED MEDIA ARTIST and ANIMATION ARTIST, my aim is to create art that brings pleasure and positivity. And fun, too; I hide my signature within each artwork. Search … & find it : )