Larry Ruhl


Year of Residency: 2022


I am a visual artist and writer. My work is primarily derived from a place of complex trauma with the intention of excavation and healing.  Through my collages, figures, scrapbooks, and writing, I explore gender, sexuality, trauma, and religion. I frequently use fire, melted wax, antique images, and language as a way to illustrate a rising from the ashes process that many survivors face. My goal is for my work to not just speak for me, but also for others who have found their way to new paths of emotional freedom. To imagine reincarnation.

The release of my memoir, Breaking the Ruhls, in two thousand and eighteen, birthed the concept of sharing my story in new ways in which I can show instead of tell. My work has been shown at,,, and the Berman Museum of Art at Ursinus College.

I am an annual presenter at the Healing Together Conference in Orlando, Florida for those living with dissociative identity disorder and their supporters.


Instagram @lruhlstudio