One of the artist’s tasks is to observe, comment on and document current world events. This is especially important in the complex historical periods we have today. At the moment when people start to get sick en masse infected with a new, previously unknown virus, doctors who come to their aid become heroes. One of them is Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. He invented and successfully tested the early Covid-19 treatment on thousands of patients. His method of administering ordinary vitamins and minerals such as zinc and vitamins D3 and C stops the development of the disease at an early stage, which has saved thousands of people from serious disease or even death. This is why people like Dr. Zelenko inspire artists to honor them and immortalize their faces in a work of art.



Maria Owczarek is a visual artist, social psychologist and theologian interested in people and making their portraits. The work and dedication of Dr. Zelenko inspired her to paint his portrait. She chose the traditional method of painting on a wooden panel using historic shades of oil paint. However, during the painting process, she decided to add more contemporary decorative methods to the style and background of the painting. The work is still in the making. The final piece is to be a halo around the head using glitter.