Marna Slappendel Netherlands

identiteit ass overbelicht lijst schoorsteenmantel zelfportret schutterproblem

Year of Residency: 2022

Bio and Statement

Due to Marna being on the spectrum (ASD) she has an eye for detail, a high sensitivity and difficulty distinguishing between main and side issues. She is always observing human behavior. Like a lot of other women on the spectrum it started with copying others people’s behavior to not stand out. After getting her diagnosis she became aware what it meant and started researching and using it in her art practice.

With her images made in wonder she hands over the experience of constantly having to solve puzzles to get a grip. She does this by elevating the ordinary into something special. Photographic means such as exposure, point of view and crop are used in such a way that unimportant details become important and positioning becomes difficult. She consciously creates confusion; front becomes back, inside becomes outside. Every image raises questions, there is little guidance or certainty. They leave you with the feeling of being an observer and outsider.

After finishing the School of the Arts in Fine Art marna was an Art teacher for several years. She still draws and paints but her main practice consists of photography.