Pure Clear is a cleansing tool for the browser, much like sage is used in smudging for metaphysical or spiritual cleansing. Browsers do a lot of heavy lifting for us on a daily basis, moreso since the pandemic. This extensive use is hard on your computer. It can also be hard on the psyche. By cleansing the browser, we not only unburden our computer’s memory, but we release old ideas or experiences and any attachments we may have about them. We make an intention to move on, and return to our browser space refreshed.

This tool has the added benefit of being a more ethical solution to discussions about access and appropriation within spiritual communities, specifically regarding the issue of white sage smudging.


Here I am experimenting with invoking a magic circle for protection and amplification of our work via CSS and HTML. I set up and call to the four elements in their cardinal position, and imagine how they may be represented by web/internet elements.


Here’s where I finally felt good about the text I styled.


My reference for the first ‘spectrum drop’ in the index page.


The hexcode or color codes in the form of a text-shadow, that make up the spectrum drop.


This piece is made using HTML, CSS, and some javascript lovingly sourced from coding forums. I like to imagine the browser space as an installation space, and build a page as if I’m building an experience or world for the viewer to live within. Each page redirects to the next, unfolding the experience and instructions for cleansing before returning to the beginning to make a cyclical loop


Melanie Clemmons (she/they) is a new media artist interested in reimagining our use of digital technology toward a softer, calmer, and more careful future. She makes videos, net art, installations, 3D printed sculpture, & XR experiences and performances. She explores issues of algorithmic justice and internet culture, the intersection of art, technology, and spirit, and is particularly fascinated by the melding and shifting of physical, digital, and virtual experiences and existences.

In addition to national/international gallery and museum work, Clemmons toured with Pussy Riot doing visuals during their first North American tour, and along with Zak Loyd, makes video and laser installations as Clemmons & Loyd. She is an assistant professor of Digital/Hybrid Media at SMU in Dallas, TX