Roni Parker


Year of Residency: 2024

Roni Parker is a self taught intuitive artist with a fantastic studio space in creative hub in London. Born in Greenwich, London and with Maltese heritage Roni has written a book, created a product, set up a Maltese language inspired business, paints and sells art around the world. Her paintings can be seen in homes in Australia, New York, Ireland, Malta and, of course, in England.


Artist Statement

I paint and I write. Sometimes I do both at the same time. Colour lights me up and painting gives me a voice. I use a pseudonym: maybe that’s my invisible shield, my protection, the permission to dig deep and share my soul; to become ‘another’.

I work predominantly with acrylic, though often accompanied by pen, spray-paint, glitter or crayon. My work is intuitive and unplanned. Using vivid colour and bold strokes, sometimes furiously energetically and other times coyly subtle, I tell my story. I’m a maximalist in life and the same can be said of my art, preferring to work on larger-scale pieces, which give me the space I need to work fast, and without feeling restricted in my expression.

My paintings are authentic to me, responding to my experience of life through my brushes, and tools. As other people share common experience, sometimes they will respond to the colours or words I use, re-interpreting my art and finding their own stories within. To spark a response in someone else by sharing my own deepest thoughts – that to me is special.



Instagram: @roniparkerart