Joey Mason USA


Year of Residency: 2021 Joey Mason is a sketch journalist and animation designer based in Los Angeles, CA.  In his personal […]

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Mary Unger USA

March 7, 2021 (58)_Original

Year of Residency: 2021 Mary Unger is an Idaho-based artist that works within digital and film photography- and mixed media.  […]

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Kaija Scheuerman USA


Year of Residency: 2021 Exhibitions SCAD Savannah Open Studio | 2021 SCAD Savannah Open Studio | 2020 SCAD Lacoste Open […]

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Doris Araujo USA


Year of Residency: 2021 Resume Araújo’s love for art started at the early age of six when she discovered the […]

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Amanda Dourador Brazil


Year of Residency: 2021 Resume During my educational life, I’ve studied English and French since childhood. During high school I […]

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Guglielmo Botter Italy


Year of Residency: 2021 Artist statement/ Resume I am an Italian-American citizen born on June 27th, 1966 in Treviso, Italy. […]

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